Dear Kylie Jenner: Wheelchairs aren’t props.

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me venting about my own personal thoughts/feelings about this situation. I am writing this post because I feel honestly a little bit hurt about this and I want to get my feelings out of my system.

I only speak for myself I am NOT trying to speak for anyone else who is disabled. Any mean comments on this post will be deleted and if you want to share it on FB or something like like that please give me credit also only reblogs will be accepted for this post no ping backs.

The link to the story that started this:

Dear Kylie Jenner I know that you don’t know me(let’s be honest here I don’t know you either) and you don’t care about the fact that your actions hurt my feelings and forgive me for assuming this however I am pretty sure that I am not the only person who is hurt by this as well.

I have been disabled from birth due to Cerebral Palsy so I have to use a wheelchair to get around if I don’t have my chair I am stuck in a bed, chair, or any other place a person wants to put me, my wheelchair is my legs.

I am currently 29 years old and ever since I was about 5 years old I wanted to dance like my big sister Cindy and maybe even have my picture taken at a photo shoot like a model.

I found ways to dance in my chair moving my upper body, arms, and hands, however I still have that small spark of hope in my heart to have my pictures taken like a model I know I am not pretty enough for it however I still hope that someday someone who is also disabled and uses a chair will get the chance to be seen in magazines in their chair.

Not as a prop like you used it, instead just sitting in it and showing that a person(male, female, or trans) can use a chair and still be seen as strong and beautiful and not broken or weird.

I know that it will not change some people’s minds however if we are seen more in public it might change over time and kids who are have to use a wheelchair will see that they are represented in the world.

I know that a lot of people want to get people to “healed” so that they don’t have to hurt or use the chair anymore and I want that someday as well, believe me I would love to be able to walk, run, take myself to the bathroom however I have bad knees and when you’re knees don’t work they won’t hold you up.

Until then I want the world to see that you can use a wheelchair and still be strong and live a life that matters.

I know that it’s not your job to do this however your photos in my personal opinion don’t help.

Also and again I know it’s not your fault Kylie however the other thing that really bothers me personally about your photo is that the wheelchair that you used as a prop for your photos and probably won’t ever see again is something that people of all ages around the world need to have some source of physical  freedom.

I don’t know if you know this or not Kylie however wheelchairs are not given away for free to anyone who needs them, yes I know that the US gives chairs to people through some health insurance programs it’s how my family was able to afford mine over the years.

I was blessed to have tri-care insurance when my ex husband was in the us military and they paid for a really awesome power-wheelchair(one that runs on battery power) so I don’t have to push myself that means that I can move around faster and it also includes an awesome back and bottom cushions so that I don’t get sore from sitting so much and I can also lean my chair back to help relieve pressure on my bottom from sitting up.

Not everyone is so blessed and now with cuts in programs some people aren’t able to have their chair fixed.

I know that it’s not your fault or problem and I am NOT asking you to give away wheelchairs I am just saying that I wonder what happened to that chair now that you aren’t using it and thankfully don’t need it and if it could be given to a person who could use it to have some source of physical freedom.

Thanks for listening to me vent(I know you more than likely will never see this)

– Rachel A.K.A Rose

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