Things I am thankful for today(2-28-2015)

Things I am thankful for today:

1. That I got to see some of my San Diego friends and help people with some tarot readings.

2. That my uncle Timmy(My dad’s best friend) came with us.

3. That I had at least 36 things this month to be this month(the number in the parentheses at the end of each thankful post).


I tell it like I see it(SD Pagan Pride psychic fair 2/28/15)

Dear reader I am writing this while I am on the way home from the SD Pagan Pride psychic fair fundraiser using the 4G on my cellphone(my dad’s driving).

I did 3 tarot readings besides for my dad and uncle Timmy, the response I got from the 2 other people were positive(saying I was right with what I told them) however today was the first time I have had someone say that what I said hurt them.

I told him that I had a vibe that he was testing people and the universe might test him back(I know that this isn’t the exact words I used but they are the closest I can use that you will understand dear reader).

He then tells me he had came to the event to see if people could see what he was thinking. 

I told him things don’t usually work like that, I then told him he should trust his gut if he already knows what he wants.

He said he had set with every reader at the event. He said I told him that it was time to leave so he got up and left.

My friend who was running the event said he is in coven that has started issues with people in the area before.

My friend Puck said I did good on calling him out.

It was definitely different but all and all I had fun.

Today’s the day I help out with the fundraiser(2/28/15)

Dear reader today’s the day I am going to San Diego(I used to live there with my ex hubby, now I live in the LA area) to give tarot reading($5 each for a four card spread) to help raise money(20% of each vendor’s total) for San Diego Pagan Pride Day(and other Pagan based/friendly events in the area).

I am working the 1-5PM shift(5 vendors on both the morning and afternoon shifts) I am excited to see a few of my old friends who live in the area(It’s the only time I will be able to be in the area besides hopefully Pagan Pride Day in September).

I am hoping that this time goes better than when my ex bf Levi took me a few years back(he was arguing with me in front of customers, he was very possessive and wanted things done his way or the high way needless to say we broke up shortly after that) and I make enough to be able to give more than $2 the event like last time I went.

My dad and my uncle Timmy will be going with me to help me plus my uncle Timmy will be selling his hand crafted walking sticks(others will be selling items at the event as well).

I am excited to be able to be getting out of my house for awhile and to be doing something involving my Pagan faith.

I will let you know how it goes when I get home dear reader, Please wish me luck:).

Another random reason why being disabled sucks.

Dear reader I know that I am lucky for a lot of different reasons  however I really that I was able to walk so that I could do fun stuff  like this:

Beginner Hoop Tricks:

As well as take myself to the bathroom and other basic stuff.

Before you ask, No, dear reader I am not feeling sorry for myself I just saw the video on YouTube and wished that I could do it as well.

Revisiting “Working With”


This also explains more of what I mean by “work with”

Originally posted on The Twisted Rope:

One of the first posts I had ever written on this blog discussed my thoughts about using the phrase “I work with XYZ deity”. Since then, I have seen many many posts across the entire Internet about the many supposed problems and short comings of using this phrase. Because my horizons have expanded a little since 2012, I thought it might be worthwhile to revisit this topic and freshen it up a bit.

The biggest reasons that I often see people use for why you should never say “I work with my god” is because people are assuming a few things about the relationship:

  1. that you view your deity like a tool that is to be used and then discarded
  2. that you view yourself on the same level as the deity (sometimes labeled as hubris)
  3. that you have no respect for your god

Now I have to admit that…

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