An amazing scene(Dragon Age Inquisition)

Dear reader I can’t sleep again so I am playing “Dragon Age Inquisition” and I just finished watching the scene between “Dorian” and his dad and in my own personal opinion dear reader it’s one of(if not the most) moving scenes that I have ever seen in a video game before.

It just felt so natural and real to me. I am personally glad that EA put it in the game and that it was done so beautifully.

I personally believe that love is love no matter if it’s gay or straight.

I just finished “In Hushed Whispers”.

Dear reader I just finished “In Hushed Whispers” in Dragon Age Inquisition. I of course helped the mages again.

I am really excited to be finally done with RedCliffe castle for good(no more replays with different characters for me).

I am doing a lot better this time, I am just getting a few more levels before doing “the breach” mission.

For anyone who is curious I have decided to go with Dorian, Varic, And Iron Bull for my main party members this time.

I will update you again dear reader when I get to Skyhold.

PS. I have already recruited all the other optional party members.

Things I am thankful for today(5-23-2015)

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Getting to see my uncle Timmy, he came over for a little bit to visit my dad and I.

2. Getting my nephew Teegan’s 2nd birthday gift in the mail today. I was scared that it wouldn’t get here in time for his birthday party. I got him the “Paw-Patrol” character with the dump truck(my niece, his mom told me he already has the one with the motorcycle).


I just finished reading “Tainted Blood”.

Dear reader I just finished reading “Tainted Blood” book #3 in the “Generation V” series by M.L Brennan. My personal review of the book is as follows:

Dear reader I am really excited that “Fort” finally found some happiness in this book however I can personally see how most of his choices over the past few books will probably come home to bite him so to speak.

I really hope that “Fort” keeps some of his “Human” like kindness and morals over the the remaining story arc of the series. I know that he will get darker whenever he fully turns vampire however I think that if he goes totally to the dark side personality/morality wise then to me personally dear reader the series will become too dark, hopefully “Suze” will always be able to keep him grounded.

The series still remains me personally of “the originals” tv series. Overall I personally rate this book a 7/10. Happy reading dear reader :).

PS. RIP to “the Fiesta” lol