Chuck Wendig’s Novel Blackbirds Is Heading To Starz

Dear  reader I am so excited for this show to start because I really enjoy “Miriam” and the series as a whole, I just hope being on TV  doesn’t ruin it for me.

I will try my best to at least post a review with my personal thoughts/opinions of the first episode of the show here for you dear reader ☺.

If you’re interested my review of each book in the series so far is posted in the “Books” tab of my blog.

PS. I saw in the Nook store on my Glaxy 4 Nook Tablet that the series   is currently being released soon(as of right now pre-order is available) with new covers however they are the original books, so don’t buy them thinking that it’s the next book in the series because  it’s not, I am just warning you dear reader because I’ve wasted(In my own personal opinion) money that way before.

It feels like voyeurism(“Gray’s Anatomy rant)

Note to reader: If you haven’t watched the latest episode yet stop reading this post right now because major spoilers will be ahead.

Also I know that it is just a fictional TV show however that doesn’t change how I personally feel.

Dear reader in 2010 after my ex hubby first left me(when I had to stay up pretty much all night because I was still so used to having him in the bed next to me that I couldn’t sleep, check the “Endings” tab of my blog for the backstory if you’re interested its all there) I bindged on “Law and order: SVU” and on “Gray’s Anatomy” I started on Hulu using my PS4 watched from season 1 episode 1 on.

Now that I have heard how “Derk” dies due to spoilers on my FB feed because I was still at the casino when the episode aired I really do feel like watching “Gray’s” any longer(from Thursday  night’s episode onward) would to me personally feel like emotional voyeurism to watch “Meredith” go through all the pain and grief.

“Gray’s Anatomy” was my escape, my thing to look forward to when books were too hard to focus on/pay attention to because life was just so crazy for me at that time, no matter how crazy the storyline got I always hoped and watched “Meredith” go through it all hoping she would find some happiness.
Now this just feels like voyeurism. Pain for the sake of pain. I can’t see any light at the end of this tunnel.

Goodbye “Gray’s Anatomy”  you have really helped me get through some hard times, however this is where I draw my line.