Things I am thankful for today(4-22-2014)

Things I am thankful for today (I am doing this early tonight because I am sleepy and not feeling well right now). :

1. Getting to watch the blacklist with my dad: ).

2. Pre-ordering Dragon Age: Inquisition the deluxe addition for my PS4 (Release date 10-7-2014).

3. Pre-Ordering Bound by Flame for my PS4 (Release date 5-9-2014).


I just finished reading “Beautiful Ruins”

Dear reader I just finished reading “Beautiful Ruins” by Jess Walter, my personal review of the book is as follows:

Dear I feel like the words beautiful mess describe my feelings about this book, I can’t really explain more about the book without ruining it for you because a lot of twists are revealed as you read it and I don’t like people who give away too much of the book in reviews.

I felt like the ending was a let down although I understand why it was done the way it was.

I hope this makes sense to you dear reader, I felt like every character in the book had more importance made of how they turned out than the two main characters did.

I also felt empty after reading it, usually I feel a sense of time well spent after reading a book even the sad ones but that wasn’t the case with this book.

I personally rate this book a 4/10.

Happy reading dear reader: ).

*Does a happy dance* I just pre-ordered the deluxe addition of Dragon Age Inquisition.

Dear reader If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know I am a epic fan girl of the Dragon Age series of games.

I have all my saves from the previous games ready to go saved on PS Plus(Sony’s cloud based storage and subscription service) in case they somehow find a way to make that work. and I am signed up for “The Keep” to pick my backstory for the game(because of the issue of old gen saves to next gen saves).

I am so excited that if I could be jumping up and down for joy I would be.

This is the first time I have ever paid for the deluxe version of a video game before however I personally feel that this game/series is worth the money because of how much I enjoyed the first 2 games(Yes, dear reader I liked DA two leave me be lol), how much I enjoy the world of DA and the mythos involved in it, and the sheer joy of being able to hack people up with a sword: ).

Leaving the Casino with $200.00

Dear reader I am taking $200.00 home from the Casino yay(I lost $200.00) over a day and a half of playing.

I lost $100 on the craps table. I won $120 on Blackjack.

I lost about $200 on the machines and I won $160 back on the machines I put the $60.00 back in because my dad wasn’t ready to go home yet.

Like I said already I am taking $200.00 home: ).

Got to flirt last night

Dear reader last night I flirted for the first time in awhile last night, the guy is my age and I got his number. I met him at the blackjack table at the casino.

He texted me back last night saying it was really nice meeting me. I texted him back right now to say I am heading home from the Casino since he asked me to last night.

I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere too serious because he doesn’t seem like he can handle my chair long term but you never know: ) (I of course will keep you updated dear reader).

For all those that celebrates it, Happy Easter.

Dear reader happy Easter to you and yours if you celebrate it. I am heading(4G on my cell) to my sister’s house to see the family(My brother will be there with his family too) and see my sister’s son’s for the first time: ).

Afterwards my dad got us a free room at the casino since it’s close by so my dad won’t have to drive home tired.

Here’s hoping I win(I post about it later). Stay safe dear reader and have fun.

Isis & the Dark Night of the Soul


I go through this every so often, I am in one of these periods right now however I still trust and love Isis and all the other Gods I work with/ follow.

Originally posted on Isiopolis:

A depiction of the Dark Night of the Soul: Ce Que Je Suis by angelitonegro on Deviant Art

A depiction of the Dark Night of the Soul: Ce Que Je Suis by angelitonegro on Deviant Art

I read a short blog post the other day that made me sad…and sympathetic. It was by a young woman who felt she had lost the mystery of her Pagan path. The power of the rites had flown. She doubted. Her anguish was palpable in what she wrote.

This may have been the first time that had happened to her.

Yet I can guarantee that, if we follow any spiritual path for a sufficient length of time, this same thing will happen to each of us. At some point, the mystery dries up. The excitement dies down. The thrill of discovery is not as thrilling as it once was. Usually, this doesn’t happen all of a sudden and usually not in the early part of our journey with Isis. Rather, it’s a slow erosion that we don’t…

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