Things I am thankful for today(8-31-2014)

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Getting to watch the Dodgers baseball game on TV with my Dad:).

2. I ordered the case for my Nook Nook Galaxy Tab.

3. I rented the movie “The Prince”(Bruce Willis is in it) on my PS4 for my dad and I to watch.

I have had 55 things to be thankful for this month(The number in the parentheses at the end of each thankful post, I update it daily)


Astrology – September Monthly Horoscopes 2014


I am sharing this with you dear reader because I find this information interesting and helpful and you might as well: )

Originally posted on Spiritual Magazine:

September Monthly Horoscopes – This month kicks off on a rather serious note with the focus on relationships, and finding the balance between our needs and what fulfills us – testing our communication skills. As the full moon approaches (the last of the super moons for the year) social activities increase, along with our sensitivity. Pluto goes direct at the end of the month so get ready to put those changes into action. The transformation is ready for its next cycle.

Aries monthly horoscope


Changes to your finances could affect your life in some unexpected way. Get excited Aries ! Uranus has been all over you for most of the year asking you to look at the changes you need to make. By the end of the month you will view the world in new and stimulating ways. Watch out for impulsive spending.

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“The Quest” episode #5 review.

Dear reader The following post is my personal review of the TV show “The Quest” episode 5. I have it saved on my
DVR so I can pause as needed.

My review of the the last 4 episodes are also posted in my blog under the TV/Movies tab of my blog if you want to check it out: ).  PS. Any of the mistakes on this review are my own.

Dear reader this episode is a 2 hour episode so there will be two eliminations.

“Asguard”(SP?) kicked the Oger’s butt: )

Leina’s team wins the first challenge and she gets voted by her teammates to receive the ingenuity medal.

I think Christian deserves to go home dear reader.

The cage thing is intense dear reader:)

Patrick wins the firsts Fates Challenge.

I really hope Christian goes home dear reader.

*Happy dance* Christian went home.

I love Bonnie songs: ).

Part 2

The “Spy Orb” looks really cool:).

Now they have to find the 4 missing “Fire Orbs” using masks with a cameras inside that shows what a falcon sees to go to whichever area he sees to find the orbs and bring it back.

Shando, Bonnie, Patrick, and Lenia find the orbs and since Lenia found the first orb she wins the mark of Observation.

The Spy has a map of the kingdom however it has missing pieces. The Fates fixed the map and it’s part of the Fates Challenge.

Andrew really worked hard to win this one.

Adria was eliminated: (.

I just finished reading “The Competition”.

Dear reader I just finished reading “The Competition” book #4 in the “Rachel Knight” series by Marcia Clark. My personal review of the book is as follows:

Dear reader This book kept me guessing and had a lot of twists and turns, a few things confused me however over all this series just keeps getting better and better.

I am sad that I have to wait for the next book in the series to come out. I think “Rachel” is one of my favorite book characters out of the series that I have read in awhile.

This book in my personal opinion didn’t have as much character growth in it as the last books in the series however the storyline was so intense that it didn’t really leave time for it.

I don’t really want to say anything about the storyline of this book because it would give away a bit plot point/twist in my opinion, I will say that it definitely isn’t a typical case and I am happy that the main “bad guy(s)” is fictional.

I rate this book a 8/10. Happy reading dear reader: ).

The realities of me having CP(Cerebral Palsy)

Note to reader: I am not trying to make any feel sorry for me, This is me venting about/dealing with my life. My life with CP is different than someone else’s life. I speak for no one other than myself.

Dear reader I am happy because my dad and I just figured out that he can help me with the bed pan without hurting himself incase no one is here and I have to use the bathroom.

Yes, I hate that my dad and others have to help me like this, however the only other alternative I have is to pee the bed, Just being real dear reader even you yourself have to pee at some point.

It makes me feel better because I don’t have to deal with people complaining or charging my dad lots of money to help me.

I know that this isn’t forever and my dad will get stuff done so that I can help myself more(My knees are messed up so I can’t bear any weight on them) like the ceiling lift and stuff.

I just feel like a weight is off my shoulders a little bit right now, now the hard part is the first few days/weeks after my dad’s hernia surgery when he won’t be able to walk or stand that much.

I will keep you updated dear reader: ).

Holy crap dear reader He actually helped me(8/30/14)

Note to reader: The backstory to this post can be found in the “ending” tab of my blog. Also I am in a chair because I have CP(Cerebral Palsy).

Dear reader I just checked my account because my dad put some money in it for me today(because we can’t go to the Casino) and the money my ex hubby said he was going to give me is in my account. *Happy Dance*.

I told him a few days ago(by a 3-way call from Adriana’s work because his baby momma knows my cellphone number) that he has 3 months to do something to show me he still cares.

He wired the money in that day and he still had my info which was odd. I was nervous because the last time he said he would do it he spent the money before it got to me.

I told him now is the time to put up or shut up about paying me back for all the pain he put me through.

He said he understood, I also told him that once the divorce papers hit the court house I will take that as a sign that he wants nothing more to do with me and I will cut all contact with him so he better figure out what he wants with me before then.

Dear reader something you need to understand about my ex hubby is he has NO MIDDLE GROUD, HE EITHER LOVES YOU OR HE HATES YOU.

I can’t afford to piss him off until I am 100% positive that I am safe and I don’t need anything from him anymore. I have seen him mad and it’s not pretty.

After my dad gets better and we hopefully get the ceiling lift for me so people can help me without having to lift me then I will feel comfortable about getting my divorce papers(it’s really complicated, as far as the steps in getting me help).

I will keep you updated on my dad as soon as I know more, as of right now he has to go get his blood pressure checked again on Tuesday at the VA hospital because the right person didn’t take it last time so it doesn’t count.

As of right now his hernia surgery is still set for September 5th but it’s on hold because of the blood pressure issue (even though 2 other nurses said it’s fine)

Any prayers, good thoughts, or positive energy that you can send my dad’s way that it will be fine and the surgery can go through would mean so much to me dear reader: ).