It might just work.

Note to reader: The backstory to this post can be found in the “Changes are on the wind…I think” post in the random thoughts tab of my blog.

I am disabled because I have CP, Cerebral Palsy.

Dear reader I think it MIGHT just work out that I can go to the LA Pagan Pride event.

My Uncle Tim is willing to go with my dad and I and help. I messaged my friend Krystal on FB yesterday(I met her at the SD Pagan Pride event years ago) and asked her if she was going to go to this event I know she works with a store in LA that will be vending at the event and she just wrote me back to say yes, she is going and would be willing to show me around a bit as well.
She also let me know that another friend of ours will be leading one of the rituals at the event as well which is awesome because I was sad about missing his ritual in SD they are always really spiritual powerful for me.

The only thing that is confusing me right now is that I also messaged another friend who’s hubby gives workshops I really look forward to because he works with the Greek Gods as well and he also normally attends both events however it showed me that she saw my message but hasn’t wrote back yet which is odd.

I don’t want to get my hopes up too much about getting to go dear reader in case my dad isn’t ready yet but he says he will be fine so I am giving myself some hope which makes missing the SD event this weekend easier to deal with even though I will still miss my friends terribly.

The bottom line for me dear reader is getting to participant in my faith. I am hoping to make some friends closer to home though.

It seems like this door could be opening to the start of a new journey and of course I will keep you updated dear reader: ).

“The Quest” season 1 finale episode review.

Dear reader The following post is my personal review of the TV show “The Quest” episode 6. I have it saved on my
DVR so I can pause as needed.

My review of the the last 6 episodes are also posted in my blog under the TV/Movies tab of my blog if you want to check it out: ).  PS. Any of the mistakes on this review are my own.

Dear reader I am excited to finally see who the “One True Hero” is. I am going to go team Shando on this one.

I haven’t seen the episode yet and I will be watching it and watching it with you.

OMGS lizard men attack the camp with the queen and the rest of the paladins(the make-up looks super cool).

Lizard king is pretty cool looking too. Lina stands up to the lizard king first then the other paladins say why they want to be the one true hero.

Then The Vizire(SP?) reveals himself standing next to the lizard king and pretty much proves the obvious that he is a traitor.

They all get put in cages again. Which surprise surprise is another fates challenge, they have them to rope the post and pull the cage to the hanging knife and use it to free themselves.

Andrew gets free first and gets told by the queen to free the other paladins first so he goes around giving them their knives and then getting them out then they all get the queen and everyone else out.

They then try to make it to the hideout in the woods they had to make a few episodes ago but they are evil riders everywhere.

Andrew gets another mark from Asguard for saving everyone from the cages before they go to the next hiding place.

Now they have to go see the Fates. Patrick, Lina, and Shando have to face the Banshee.

Shando gets his offerings to the Banshee first and wins the Fates Challenge.

It’s a tie each person has one person behind them so Andrew gets to pick who go home since he won the mark.

He picks Lina again and Patrick goes home.

The final 3 are Andrew, Shando, and Lina. I am still team Shando.

Part 2.

Sir Asguard creates a diversion so that the Queen and everyone else can get past.

They make it to the final Fates Challenges 2 will fail and one will be the one true hero and fight Verlox.

Shando finds his map first. Lina gets het map next.

Lina finishing balances her scale first then Andrew.

Lina gets to her 3rd challenge first and reads the clue on what to do then Andrew gets there but he only reads half of the clue and doesn’t look around so he thinks he forgot something he needed and goes back.

He doesn’t find what he needs and Shando is still at the 2nd challenge so he goes back to the 3rd and finds the chain he was missing before however he doesn’t read the directions right again and he does it wrong and has to start over.

Shando finally finishes his scale and gets to the 3rd challenge.

Lina passes the first part of the 3rd challenge first and has to throw at a target to make the bridge come down so she can get to the other side.

Lina keeps missing the target Andrew finishes his part and Shando gets eliminated.

My heart goes out to him dear reader.

Lina still hasn’t made the target yet. She makes it just as Andrew gets there.

Lina is the one true hero. Girl power baby.

Lina gets to put the sun spear together.

Yay everyone comes back to help her defeat Virlox.

Asguard pledges to fight with Lina and they all go off to defeat Virlox.

The paladins fight the knights so that Lina can fight Virlox and the fight was so cool dear reader.

Season 2 please: ).

I liked how everyone worked together and the storyline was awesome.

Someone let the Virzer free…Season 2??.

I just finished reading “The Island”.

Dear reader I just finished reading “The Island” by Victoria Hislop. My personal review of the book is as follows:

Dear reader I personally liked the grandmother and Maria stories the best, however the twist at the end was interesting.

Over all I found the book to be heavy with all the sad storylines(I know it does have happy parts in it as well).

I am rating this book a 6/10 for how the descriptions made me feel like I was right there with them.

Happy reading dear reader: ).

It’s amazing how little this man knows me.

Note to reader: The backstory to this post can be found in the “ending” tab of my blog.

Dear reader it amazes me how truly little my ex hubby knows me after years of knowing each other. Especially given the fact that we are each others first.

I have been needing to know the status of my divorce papers for many different reasons.

We have been split since 2010 but for many reasons he hasn’t filed them yet.  His baby momma is a crazy bitch and will not let us talk about the divorce details at all.

I am disabled(I have CP, Cerebral Palsy) and I am in CA my ex is currently in TX so it’s really hard for me to serve him myself.

Dear reader you might remember that he had transferred me $100.00 into my account when my dad had his hernia surgery a few weeks ago(He has been saying that he wanted to help me somehow to pay me back for cheating on me a lot). My best friend Adriana called him on her work phone because his baby momma knows my number and will not leave him alone.

Well since then I have heard nothing from him except that he is moving to PA to live with his family(He told me they day he gave me the money).

I am tired of walking on egg shells with him never knowing if he will act like we are still together and call me his wife or pretend not to know me.

So I decided to get a pinger account(free texting app that gives you a random number) to tell him what’s up.

I said I was Harley(as in Harley Quinn) he has always said he was my Joker and I have his number saved under Joker in my phone and he also has made fake accounts on Facebook and Skype to talk to me in the past so it shouldn’t have surprised him that I did it, well he still didn’t get it was me I tried another thing we used to use when we were together and again no luck.

I knew that his baby momma was around because she had tried to call the number and she checks his phone so I told him I was a friend of mine and I was trying to get in touch with him for me.

I told him I had used the nick name not to get him in trouble and that I would tell me that I couldn’t reach him.

Now normally dear reader He would have said to tell me something but all he said was thanks.

To me this really showed me that he really doesn’t care about me and probably never really did.

I have been telling him for years that one day I would be done with him completely no more friendship, just another stranger.

I think that day is finally here dear reader. The saddest part about it is that he will probably pop up again on Facebook thinking everything is fine between us(because he doesn’t know it was me with the texts) and I will not be the same towards him.

I have to cover my ass as much as possible with him so I can’t piss him off however no more Mr nice girl.

You know I thought the end would have more of a boom.

I just finished reading “Tales of a female nomad”

Dear reader I can’t sleep so I stayed up and finished reading “Tales of a female nomad: Living at large in the world.” By Rita Golden Gelman. My personal review of the book is as follows:

Dear reader I started this book because I needed a distraction from my cold which has been keeping me awake at night(thankfully it feels like it’s almost over now), this book definitely delivered it was a page turner and hard to put down.

The descriptions of the places and people where so vivid I felt as if I was right there with her.

I have to say that this book didn’t have the same personal pull for me that “Eat, Pray, Love” did which was what I thought the book might be like when I started to read it.

It’s hard to judge someone else’s life which is what I personally feel I would be doing if I really judged the book, however it was well written.

I do have to say that I don’t like that a lot of the “Chick-lit” or “Woman friendly” books that I have seen lately have this thing about not liking stuff which is fine, however I am going to be honest here dear reader and say I like stuff and I do want to get married again someday I don’t think that means I am “stuck in a role”.

Over all I rate this book an 8/10.
Happy reading dear reader: ).

PS. As an Italian I say what is this pasta in a can you speak of?…Over cooked noodles in tomato sauce…Yuck.