I just finished reading “Guilt by Degrees”.

Dear reader I just finished reading “Guilt by Degrees” book #2 in the “Rachel Knight” series by Marcia Clark. My personal review of the book is as follows:

Dear reader I really like Rachel’s witt and her self-awareness/personal growth throughout the book, it made sense for her character and situation and it didn’t feel like it came out of left field or as an afterthought as it does in some other books I’ve read.

I am going to start the next book in the series right now so I can see if “Lilah” get’s what’s coming to her or not.

I personally rate this book a 7/10(Some of the evident plotline was hard for me to follow).

Happy reading dear reader: ).

I just finished reading “Stray Souls”.

Dear reader I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up and finished reading “Stray Souls” book #1 in the “Magical Anonymous” series by Kate Griffin. My personal review of the book is as follows:

Dear reader I have to be honest I almost didn’t finish the book, however I am glad I stuck with it and finished it.

I like the idea of a “Magical Anonymous” group and the fact that even Facebook plays a part in the storyline.

I like the vampire that’s afraid of germs and the druid who sneezes when stressed out.

For me the end of the book was the best part, The wendigo starting all the drama just because he wants to at the core of it all understand being human.
I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

I personally rate this book a 6/10.
Happy reading dear reader: ).

Food fighters episode #1

Dear reader the following is my own personal review of “Food Fighters” with Adam Richman, I am not a professional blogger/reviewer just a fan doing this for fun.

I am writing this while watching on my DVR so I can pause as needed. My opinions are my own and yes I am an Adam Richman fan:

Elisha(The home cook) seems very well put together, I am interested to see how she does.

Chef #1 Kevin Belton = Egg Rolls with dipping sauce food fight.

5 random people “Dinner party guest” will judge the food and pick a winner.

Winner is: Elisha wins and she now has $5,000.

Chef #2 Jonny Giordani = Fish Tacco and salsa food fight.

Winner is: Elisha wins the round unanimously and banks $10,000.

Elisha now has banked $15,000 total.

Chef # 3 Michelle Raguessiss = Mango Tart food fight.

Chef Michelle seems like I have seen her on TV before, maybe on “Chopped”. I really like seeing the home cook having the advantage.

Winner is: Elisha wins this round by 1 vote and wins $15,000. She now has banked $30,000 total so far.

Chef #4 Marcel Visneron = Stewed Chicken and Rice food fight.

Elisha had issues with the doneness of her chicken.

Winner is: Chef Visneron wins 4-1 ending Elisha’s perfect record.

Chef #5(the finale Chef for double her bank, $60,000) Chef Lorena Garcia =

Salmon and Quinoa food fight.

Chef Lorena seems like she is having a blast:).

Winner is: Elisha wins 4-1 and she wins $60,000 she wins 4-5 rounds:)

I really enjoyed the show, can’t wait for next week: ).