Blood draws suck(10/30/14)

Dear reader I just got out of my DR. Apt and he says that my problem doesn’t look like an STD and I should go see a normal Dr.

I had 3 tests and 3 blood draws I get my results on the 12th of November but he says he is pretty sure I am good.

Keep your fingers crossed for me please dear reader and I will keep you updated: ).

I get to see Alex for sure on Saturday night(10/30/14)

Dear reader my dad’s host guy from the Casino called and told him that we for sure have a free room for Saturday night.

We have to go in the area anyway because Saturday’s my Great-nephew’s first birthday(My sister son’s little boy) and her house is about 15-20 minutes from the Casino so I will be able to see Alex and hangout Yay so happy.

I will keep you updated dear reader: ).

So thankful for Alex(10/30/14)

Dear reader I am so thankful that I have Alex in my life, He just calmed me down with no judgement or telling me to “suck it up” like a lot of other people have lately.

He told me that he told his dad about me and that his dad was happy for him.
He also said that I can get as many hugs as I want when I hopefully get to see him on Saturday night(*Fingers crossed* )

Hopefully tomorrow(today since it’s midnight) goes better than today.