The moment They throw you out of the nest and see if you can fly.

Note to reader: The following post is related to my personal faith(Pagan) if that bothers you please skip this post.

Dear reader I know that the majority of this will not make any sense to you, however it’s important to me so I am writing it.

Dear reader for the longest time(6 plus years) I have been getting feelings and “helpful hints” that I need to do a certain thing(s) spiritually(really long, complex, and private story) and I have resisted because I have felt and still do to some extent that I am not ready or qualified enough to do it.

Well certain recent events have shown me that I need to do it and see if I make it or not.

I put myself out there with my name on the line with someone who I respect deeply, I am nevous to see if it works out.

Either way it’s a first really big step and those are often the hardest..

Damn sir you have no game

Note to reader: If talking about sex bothers you or girls who like sex please skip this post.

Dear reader I just heard from the guy from my high school who added me to his FB page awhile ago.

He just texted me: “Hey, When are we going to fuck?”

Dear reader we have never had sex or even hung out with each other at all.

He has told from the first day that he added me on FB(within the first 25 minutes of the conversation) he wanted to have sex with me because:

He doesn’t have a gf and just wants sex, he doesn’t want to hangout with me or anything.

It’s just lets get naked, ok bye. Which I have never done before(Every guy I have ever had sex with I have always been in a relationship with first) and I personally don’t see the point of random sex.

I do enjoy sex and I miss it, I haven’t had any in 3 years. I also don’t want to start again then miss it when he disappears.

It also bugs me that he is all super Christian and about God and he does this it smacks of hypocrisy to me.

I also think I am worth more than random, meaningless sex.

I did it I did I finished that first boss in Destiny(10/21/14)

Dear reader I just beat that first boss in “Destiny” by myself, (The one after you get your ship), it was a lot of grenades and knife work for the other guys since my CP(Cerebral Palsy) cause me to have bad hand eye coordination so it’s super hard for me to aim.

I am so happy, can’t wait for my friends to get online so I can play with them.

Things I am thankful for today(10-20-2014)

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Getting to my next Extra Life Fundraising Page goal of $250 my new goal is $300 because I am doing game day for the fundraiser on the 25th. I also got to join the Los Angeles Extra Life guild.

2. My dad getting me Destiny for my PS4 and a cute TinkerBell t-shirt for Halloween from Target.

3. Getting to see my uncle Timmy.