I haven’t been this happy in a long time(10/24/14)

Dear reader I haven’t been this happy in a long time. Alex(the guy I met at the casino on Wednesday night) is awesome.

We had a date yesterday and it was awesome, it was the first time in 3 years that I’ve held hands with a guy.

He was/is super sweet. He even gave me an extra charger when mine got messed up yesterday.

We are going to game it together tomorrow for my My Extra Life Fundraising Page

So super happy. I will keep you all updated dear reader.

PS. He knows about my divorce issue and is ok with it and obviously he knows about and is cool with my chair too.

Waiting at the spa to get my haircut(10-23-14)

Dear reader I am currently writing this on my phone with my 4G while at the spa in the casino waiting to haircut


Wait for it

I possibly have a date later on today after my haircut.

*Happy Dance*

I will update you on all the details later Dear reader Please keep your fingers crossed for me I am super nervous right now.

The moment They throw you out of the nest and see if you can fly.

Note to reader: The following post is related to my personal faith(Pagan) if that bothers you please skip this post.

Dear reader I know that the majority of this will not make any sense to you, however it’s important to me so I am writing it.

Dear reader for the longest time(6 plus years) I have been getting feelings and “helpful hints” that I need to do a certain thing(s) spiritually(really long, complex, and private story) and I have resisted because I have felt and still do to some extent that I am not ready or qualified enough to do it.

Well certain recent events have shown me that I need to do it and see if I make it or not.

I put myself out there with my name on the line with someone who I respect deeply, I am nevous to see if it works out.

Either way it’s a first really big step and those are often the hardest..